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Rent The Runway Is Offering A Major Discount On Their Unlimited Membership

Featured on The Huffington Post. Follow my blog with Bloglovin. You order the membership to have a convenient means to designer clothes, yet that is far from convenient. Shopping on the internet is hard.

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One of the main perks with Rent the Runway Reserve is that you get a free backup dress! Right before I was going to the French Polynesia for 10 days, I ordered a couple of dresses. Two out of the three were damaged!

One was completely broken and unwearable. The other was an off the shoulder dress and stretched out so much that it was then too large on me. Rent the Runway generally has good customer service, but by the time they mailed me another dress, it was too late and I was already gone!

I know, I know. I go to work, sit in an office, and go to the gym and back. Where it is worth it to me is when I have two or more events in the same month. Instead of buying or renting a dress, I can just buy the month and get unlimited rentals.

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Winter in Ireland wearing Petersyn. There IS a way to combat the shipping issues. In order to get the most bang for your buck, you want to exchange as much as possible. Your first order will come in one bag. Although they seem to run out of items a lot, it rarely happens on the first try when you would want the extra bag! When you get your first bag, immediately try everything on. This will save you time.

The faster the item s get back, the quicker you get to release your new items.

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If you want to immediately get an extra bag, use your own label to send your first one back. If a piece is damaged, immediately call or email Rent the Runway and they will usually send you a replacement immediately. This gets you an extra bag right off the bat. Alternatively, order 3 items and lag the 4th. Different means to get the same result. Get an extra bag as quick as possible. Literally, even if it means you throw your unwanted dress back into your friends wedding rental. They scan the barcode. As long as your dress makes it back, it will give you credit to get something new.

Interestingly, they start badgering you if you have bags at home to return them. You have to think of these bags as gold. So hoard your garment bags like they are the last can of beans in the zombie apocalypse. Okay, weird reference. I need to stop watching The Walking Dead before bed. Wearing Lily Pullitzer in the French Polynesia! I really love fashion. And I really love designer brands. Think wedding season. Or Gala season. If they cleaned up the shipping process, it might be worth the extra dough in my budget. Thanks for the tips and hacks! I never heard of such membership, but I loved how thorough you were explaining its pros and cons.

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Such a neat concept! I also agree that it would be too expensive for me. Thank you for the tips! Yes, totally understand! I love this! I do like to dress up occasionally, though! It had actually never occurred to me to use a clothing rental service at all, so this post was a huge insight, thanks!

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Really helpful to get a real life view on how these services actually work, too. Are you using them to store your regular clothes? No, you need them to send your rentals back to RTR for exchanges. They only give you one bag with your subscription. So you either have to send them back all at once and waste valuable time, or be smart with the bags and obtain extras to use to send the next pieces back as the other ones are processing. My co-workers like my daily fashion shows. I obtained an extra bag when something was damaged. I only buy my own shoes, accessories etc now.

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I used to waist so much money on trendy items I wore only once. I highly recommend this service. I love Rent the Runway! I would have sent them both back in one bag so you still had a bag at home! If they received them both at the same time and sent you two pieces back, they would combine them.

Rent the Runway Review! Pros & Cons of Renting Dresses Online!

If you sent them back both in one bag, you would still have a bag at home to give you a little bit of wiggle room on sending pieces back and forth! Just wanted to say thanks for the bag hack idea. It never occurred to me to figure out a way to get one this way! I thought it was pretty clever. Is there anyway I can return an item to a store. I love in Los Angeles near the Topanga store. Could I return the item with the tag without the garment bag? If you live near a store that is ideal!

You can drop off and pick up items in a store! It would definitely be worth it. One of my friends who lives in New York has a great system going with the store—she has talked several other women in her office into signing up for Unlimited, so they all bring their items that they want to return to the office, and then one of them makes a trip every day or every other day to return their items. A new spot opens up as soon as the item is dropped off at the store, so they get to go through so many more pieces this way! I live in NYC.

I think its only worth it if you return to the store. I return directly to the store once a week. Your spot opens up instantly and they ship your new items SAME day to the store. I drop off 8am and pick up by 5pm new pieces. Thanks for this in-depth review. I just received my first RTR Unlimited order a few days ago and after I sent back a handbag this morning it occured to me that I only had one bag!

So let me get this straight I hope when they receive the handbag and release an empty slot, I should order something else…then when I receive that item, send back the three dresses I currently have in that one bag to free up three slots.

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