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The last prescription took calls and trips to 5 different Walgreens to find one that had very limited stock. So, I am very concerned we are going to end up without the real generic very soon. I checked the Teva Pharma website and they show they make the real generic for Concerta. So, I wanted to ask if you have any updates on Teva supplying pharmacies with the drugs or anything important on this matter.

Thanks for the kind words. As you can imagine, I earn no income from this work but it still takes an immense amount of time I could be spending earning income. A different story each time. I had called previously to see what exactly the prescription needed to say, in order for my husband to get the authorized generic for Concerta. If an authorized generic is available and the prescribing physician stipulates that the Rx be filled only with that authorized generic, the pharmacy is supposed to do it.

Our previous mail-in pharmacies, Express Scripts and PrimeMail, filled the Rx speedily and with no problem. Including another class amphetamine , including Vyvanse. The first two are newer products and so there might be discount programs check the company website…just search the name of the medication. It is unconscionable, these hurdles that have been thrown at us.

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And with our current government administration, I am afraid it will only get worse. Consumers have no rights, and these companies have unending right to profit. I wanted to provide some information that I think may be useful and hopeful. They were out of one of them but the pharmacist offered to order it on Saturday and we were able to pick it up on Wednesday. So, it looks like the true generic may be back in the market. Thanks so much for contributing to the brain trust here. I am glad you seem to have gotten the medication you need!

Typically, these agreements are announced in the various industry news outlets. This one is being kept mum, so that means we cannot know when the agreement expires. That can take longer. That means some people will give up, because they cannot go without medication. I am a physician. My 14 year old patient is getting Trigen 36 taking two each morning. I just found out that they have received this generic now for several months and they have not noted any problems.

Some people might find that the generics work better for them than the brand. But that simply reflects their own need, not how well the generic matches the brand.

I agree there are patients that have had different results with other generics than Actavis. While there are agreeable differences in small therapeutic index meds such as seizure meds, transplant drugs, hormones, and Concerta it should be known how small the difference actually is.

The percentage refers to a confidence interval, etc. Is he accurate in his finer points? I am not sure.

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More importantly, when it comes to the true generics for Concerta, the chief problem involves the release profile. It is modern delivery systems that are vexing the FDA in terms of establishing generic guidelines. The one size-fits-all criterion does not take into consideration the therapeutic window and intra-subject variability of a drug which have been identified to have non-negligible impact on the safety and efficacy of generic drug products as compared to the innovative drug products.

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Funny that today several new entries came in on this blog. I commented earlier that we made the switch to Trigen over the summer and luckily no problems. This is complete BS that the auth. I agree with you regarding the OROS technology. The article states that it is a percentage of the dose. For your diligence and time as an author and a blog writer you should read the article. I agree with you on this account, but the article creates a misperception on other medications and creates a gross negative perception of generics. Generics save the patients money and reduce premiums for all.

I run into this with Adderall XR also. Generics are still risky business for people with ADHD and others who take psychotropic medications. I always encourage that they try them, to see if they work, but to try the brand first, so they have a comparison.

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It seemed to be working and, yay, her appetite returned and she no longer needed melatonin to sleep. Today I substituted an Actavis 27 mg I had left over for the Trigen and DD said it was an amazing difference—she could focus!

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And the old side effect of no appetite returned as well. Back on the roller coaster—but I found a pharmacist who told me he can order the Watson Alza pills. I was a little surprised as Watson is no longer the marketing arm for it, but if he can get it, great. This is crazy.

Maybe it varies by state, but my understanding is that the pharmacy has to fill what the prescriber stipulates. Have you tried that? As for the appetite suppression, that could be signaling the presence of anxiety. For that reason, it seems that most folks with ADHD on medication will do best on two medications.

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  8. It is a shame how many people are suffering side effects from stimulants precisely because physicians fail to treat the full range of symptoms. Instead, they just stop and try another stimulant. Thanks she is taking a low dose of anxiety meds too, but the stimulants did kill her appetite.

    I wonder if you should get a second opinion — and call the insurer. If you financially qualify, Janssen has a patient-assistance program. Could make everything so much easier. I really feel for you and your family. We went through similar struggles when our mail in pharmacy Caremark decided to switch from Actavis to Trigen without telling us during the summer.

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    It made summer camp hell for my son and our family. He became very aggressive and non-compliant. He is so much happier too. Regarding loss of appetite… we went through something similar with our oldest. We talked to a nutritionist that gave us very good ideas on how to pack calories and all the nutritents she needs in the meals not affected by the medication, like breakfast. Things like making shakes for her with fruit, Nutella, cereal… We also switched her to whole milk.

    Those things have worked out really well.

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